It wasn’t long ago that Alberta’s education system was the envy of the world. Our students would consistently rank among the top in global achievement in subjects like math and science. In recent years, however, our education system began to slip and some students were left behind.

A United Conservative government believes that every child in Alberta deserves the opportunity to receive a world-class education. To make this happen, we need to ensure that adequate resources get to the classroom, that teachers are supported, and that curriculum is based on sound, proven education policy, and not untested trends imposed on teachers.

We owe it to the next generation to get education right. This is why a United Conservative government would ensure that Alberta’s long-standing record of school choice would be protected. What’s right for one student, isn’t always right for the next and that’s why students have benefited from the variety of education options available for parents to choose from in the province. Whether it’s francophone, faith-based, special needs, gifted, or alternative programming, ensuring a diversity of education options for Alberta’s students means that each child has an opportunity to succeed.

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